Clickbank For Beginners: Win Money Online On Clickbank Step-By-Step Tutorial

What is Clickbank?

In this Clickbank tutorial, i will be able to show you the fundamentals of the platform. In a nutshell, it is a large marketplace where digital product vendors can sell their products.

As an affiliate, you'll come to Clickbank, and look for products that are available for you to market .

Inside the tutorial, I show the way to find the best-converting highly profitable products that you simply can promote.
Once you've got selected an excellent product to market , it is time to truly start to form money on Clickbank.

First step is to set up "Money Magnets". What are they? They are reviews, simple reviews that you simply can publish on your own website, or on a free website hosted by or an identical platform.

As a beginner, i do know that you're probably curious about free methods mostly, so i'm getting to show you ways to use the free Wordpress platform to host your first review page.

After you've got produced your review ("Money Magnet"), it is time to start out driving traffic thereto .

You can use any quite traffic, but during this tutorial I focused on getting Pinterest traffic, because it's fast and free. It's also really user-friendly to beginners.

After you've got found out your first pin on Pinterest sending traffic to your first Clickbank product review page, all you would like to try to to is to repeat an equivalent process over and over again.

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