Win money online $500 A DAY On AUTOPILOT! (win Money Online)

Hey, if you know how to click your mouse,
then keep watching this video

until the end, because inside of this
video, I will show you how you can win money online

way with five hundred
dollars every single day.

And all you have to do is just
copy and paste some links.

And the best part is you do not
have to do it every single day.

You just need to do it once,

copy and paste those links once
and then enjoy the profits.

They're gonna come for you in complete
autopilot and even a better thing.

As you can do it just
with your smartphone.

Even if you don't have a computer and you

don't have a laptop, you can definitely
do it just with your smartphone.

And even better part is this
is worldwide available.

So it works in all countries.

Now, right before we dive into that,

if you haven't already,
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So if you hit the bell icon,

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Here's an app or using a Web
site to make money online.

And that way, not only will it be one step

ahead of your competitors, but of course
you will need the most money.

With that being said,

we will jump straight into my computer
so I can explain you everything OK?

So we're now inside of my computer
and today we're gonna be using multiple

platforms in order to make
this strategy work.

So first of all, we're gonna be
using one social media platform.

Then I'm going to show you an absolutely

free tool that will help
you make even more money.

Then I'm gonna show you a platform

that will help you make
everything on autopilot.

And I'm also gonna be giving
you some tools along the way.

So in order to not get confused,

because we're not we have never talked
about the tool, this tool ever before.

And this is a really unique strategy

that we have never talked
about earlier on this channel.

So in order to not get confused,

just a all the way to the end to maximize
your results and don't escape anything.

So the first part, the new we're going to
be using is gonna be Instagram dot com.

And we're now focusing today.

We're going to be focusing
on one specific niche.

So I'm not going to tell you like go
to Instagram and pick whatever it is you

want, because we are focusing
on one specific niche.

And I'm going to show you why we're

actually doing that and how it will
actually make us a lot of money really,

really fast and on an
incomplete autopilot.

So what you will need to do is head over
to Instagram dot com or just install

the app, your smartphone device,
and create a brand new Instagram account.

I'm not gonna go over that.
I hope you know how to do that.

It's super easy to sign up for Instagram.
It's absolutely free.

And it's going to take your lives

in a minute to do that once you
create your Instagram account.

You want to.
You want to design it in a specific way.

So you want to make it and build
it around making money online.

So, first of all,

create an account with a meet with a
username related to making money online.

Yes, we were gonna be focusing on a make

money online and online
business needs today.

And we'll see why and how exactly you're
gonna be making a lot of money from this.

When you as I said,
we have never talk about it.

So keep watching this video.

So you want to create a user name.

And for example, I did,
like, make money like boss.

You can maybe do, like,

make money like kings or online business
king or make money line queen,

whatever it is, just create something
related to making money and like really

user name like that that in in your name
you want to add a keyword to make money.

And once it's gonna be easier for people
to find you and then it's optional

to write some nice bio, you know,
you can copy and paste,

search for different make modelling pages
and then just copy and paste their

bio and their description,
just type it out or just type in.

I like business and coaching
and stuff like that.

And then you want to add a call to action
here, like maybe you can do click here

and then we're going to paste
one Eurail down and below.

That will make us some money on autopilot.

And if we keep watching this video,
you will not have to build the page

yourself because I'm
gonna give you a tool.

It will do all the work for you
and I'm going to show you why.

Exactly how exactly this strategy works.

So I know it may be a little
bit confusing right now.

So, as I said, you know, already,

in order to not get confused,
just keep watching this video.

So first of all, I want to show an example
of people there or an example or one page

that is currently crushing
it with the strategy.

So that is the page.

It if found like in Quito dieted, it is
in a weight loss nation, a fitness niche.

And what they are doing is
they're just reposting other people's

content and they're just credit in them
in the description of dad of that post.

But that is not what we're interested in.

What we're interested in is
taking a look at the.

You are all over here.
So they have this.

You are Rella.
We're here with what that uro actually is.

If you click on that, that's going to take
you to their current like a store.

So instead of sending people to one

specific affiliate product that might not
even be working at all,

they're actually sending them
to this kind of like a store.

It's kind of like a page.

And then they're sending do four different
products that people can purchase.

They're interested in weight loss

and obviously go through all of these
and buy your world for products.

Now, I'm going to show you how you can

create this kind of page in less than
two minutes for absolutely free.

And how we can find way better products
in these guys to maximize your results,

because those products are going
to have a lot of other obstacles.

So one single product can literally make

your one or for one person can a little
make you five hundred dollars.

And I'm not sure how we
can send after that.

I'm gonna show you how we can send

thousands of people to your stores
that are interesting that that it can go

through or four or five
different products.

And as I said, for each and every product
you can make over five hundred dollars per

person that you're sent on,
which is real, really insanely good.

So before I showed a tool and before

to show you how we can create it,
we're absolutely free.

If we haven't already, be sure to drop
a light to this video, leave a thumbs up.

Because, you know,

when I see you guys leaving Lyson
comments, either my way is I know that you

are enjoying them and I know
that you're getting value.

Otherwise, we do use, which is at the end
of the day, the most important part.

So that really inspires me to share

with you daily make online strategies
and with daily business ideas.

You just hit the like button with thumbs

up on them asking for and if you have any
questions or you simply need some help.

Always feel free to leave a comment down

below, because I will be reading to all
those comments and I will try to reply as

soon as possible or as soon
as I see that comment.

With that being said,

to do all they will do,
all they will use that we will use

for absolutely free to create this kind
of store is going to be many dot a link.

So this is already Manney dot link.

And what you will need to do is you
just need to sign up with Instagram.

So there's gonna be a sun
in button over here.

Son of a button for you
is going to be signed up.

Just click on Sign Up and then authorities
with your Instagram page wants to do that.

Just click on sign with Instagram
and that's automatically going to sign you

to this platform where you can
see this is your profile picture.

You can you can also change that.

And what I did or here has
also changed my discretion.

So you can see that my actual description
says business is business coaching.

And click here.

But my my description here says, like,
start your online business today.

Best make money online trainings
and links and down below.

And then I will add multiple links or here

where those products,
which I'm about to show you as well.

And then I'm going to give you a tool
that will set everything on autopilot.

So you will just need to add products
over here, your affiliate links.

And that will, on the back end, make us
a lot of money on incomplete autopilot.

So what Blattman will allow you to do

that within the make money on line,
Netsch is gonna be warrier plus dot com.

So you will have nowhere to go.

You will admit you had
already warra plus dot com.

This is gonna look like it's going to look
like once you create an account,

you'll first of all have you have
to click on the sign up button.

There's gonna be some around here
drilling account for absolutely anything.

It is widely available in which
in a lot of small countries.

So yes, I guess it is way,
way to create an account.

Once you create an account,

you log into your account,
go to the affiliates section and click

on offers where you can find
thousands of different products.

But I'm not sure what approach you need
to promote to make money on autopilot.

So it's going to show you first of all,

this is the first page where you can find
products that are getting you like you can

see the sales over here,
conversion rate, all that stuff.

But you can see that these are getting

thousands of sales, even though they have
been published like just a few days ago.

But they're still getting
thousands and thousands of sales.

You can see that the conversion rate made

it what, make sure that the conversion
rate is actually over 10 percent.

Then you can see the wizard there.
Well, you're here.

Make sure that the wisdom values
or five dollars, the average sale.

You can take a look at the average.

Tell it you're gonna be making per
person that you sent to this offer.

So you can see that 40 million that,
for example, 14 percent conversion rate.

And the average sale is thirty six dollars

and sixty two cents,
which is really great.

That means that lot of what, for example,
you spend on average,

one hundred people to this offer are one
hundred people, 14 of them will actually

buy at the average sale of thirty
six dollars and sixty two cents.

And if you do them and if you do the math

like thirty six dollars and sixty two
cents multiplied by fourteen

people out of 100 people,
you could be making over five hundred

dollars just from this one single product,
just from one single product.

You can be making.
You could be making over five hundred

dollars and you have even higher paying,
higher paying products like forty one

dollars average sale and the conversion
rate is 33 percent and so on and so forth.

That's like over 1000 dollars per 100

people that you send to this offer,
which is really insanely good.

And then as well,
if you take a closer look to those

and by the way, those are actually all
they make money online courses make one

of my trainings and everything
related to making money online.

That's why we actually build a page
are related to making money online.

But anyways, if you take a look at this
product, for example,

you can also see different that this
has a lot of different app sales.

So the back end product

is so the actual front end product
is going to be twenty three dollars.

But then they can buy all of these

products where you can be making a mirror,
you can be making hundreds of dollars

in commissions just from one single
person that you send to this offer.

And as a side, you can add multiple

products to your store,
to your page with many Darling and Santu,

multiple offers and multiple products,
and make multiple commissions and be back

and make hundreds of dollars
in your back in them.

How Set said set it up as well.
So what you will need to do.

Of course you will request approval.

Just tell him that you are like
an experienced marketer and you know how

to drive good traffic and avoid
the bad traffic and all that stuff.

So they will approve you.
Once they approve it,

you will be able to grab your affiliate
link, which will look something like this.

So let me just show you
my approved offers.

So there's going to be a like a grab get
a link over here so you can grab your you

are row where you can then
based or their soldiers.

Copy this.
You are real.

I will go back here.
I will add a link, my affiliate link.

I'll add it over here.

Then the title of this will be like you
can just take a look at what it says.

For example, if this says profit machine,

I will say something like

profit machine or just have some
nice call to action where there.

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