How To Start A New Adsense Website

Starting off a new adsense website is easy if you are passionate about writing, or expressing your ideas. Simply think of something you are passionate about – A topic or interest which isn’t too specific but that demonstrates you have knowledge and understanding.

The reason you want the topic to be on a niche but not too specific is because you will be attracting advertising to your website which other website owners are paying to have clicked on with your site.

If your website content is about basket weaving, well there may be no other website owners out there who are paying adwords to advertise their basket weaving ads on your website, therefore Google’s robots will pick the closest topic they can to your site content and it might be completely off mark, meaning your CTR (click thru rate) will suffer because your ads may not be relevant.

If content writing is not your favourite thing, you can always easily outsource the content writing to freelancers on sites like

At odesk you will find many freelancers who live all over the world and who are looking for content writing jobs. You can often find someone with good English speaking and writing skills and who only charges $10 – $20 per hour for their time. Producing lots of good quality content is the fuel your website needs to spur interest in your visitors, and to rank in the search engines.

The cost to get a basic website off the ground with around 1000 words of content, ads, links, domain name and hosting varies but you can normally start with as little as $200 if you outsource the content, have it uploaded to a wordpress website and pay for a year of hosting and a domain name.

At this point you also need to apply for a Google Adsense account in order to host the paid ads on your website. Once your account is approved, you will be able to create different styles of ads and post them on your pages.

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